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About Eugene Johnson:
Man of Faith- Husband - Father - Startup Founder - Author 

Eugene is the CEO of Revi, Revi enables a seamless experience that deepens customer engagement with the local businesses they love today and will love in the future. The Revi app-based experience combined with on-premise Revi devices creates vibrant local ecosystems allowing customers to safely reconnect, support, and be rewarded by their favorite businesses. Starting from humble beginnings, he grew up in one of the toughest neighborhoods in New York City and often found himself caught up in the difficulties of living in an impoverished area. Though his circumstances were not ideal, he had dreams of taking his life to unprecedented heights.

While in college, Eugene started his first business at the age of 18. He built that business from the ground up starting with just him and eventually growing to hundreds of people nationwide. At 26, he sold a large stake of that business to a partner. After selling his company, he traveled to places like Dubai and Africa to recharge. He then spent some time as a consultant, helping leaders grow their business. As a consultant, he built his social media following to over 250k follows and wrote a book that became an Amazon bestseller called "The Mental Playbook."

After spending time as a consultant, Eugene needed to get back into entrepreneurship, and he has always been fascinated with tech. However, with all Eugene's business experience he knew he didn't have any tech experience so he decided to work for a tech company & learn first. He chose a small (at the time) tech company called Meraki. Eugene ran sales for SMB companies for his territory. That territory grew from one to seven states, and he increased revenue for his region by millions. Because of this, he gained recognition as one of the top sales executives at Meraki. Cisco eventually acquired Meraki for $1.5 Billion. Eugene spent almost five years there before he came up with the idea of Revi. Eugene has taken what was just an idea into a thriving business and has positioned the company for great future success.


Eugene Johnson has helped tens of thousands of people become world class high achievers. After training and leading CEO’s, business leaders, entrepreneurs and sales executives all over the world, Eugene was able to simplify and decode what makes these people so successful. Though this decoding he realized that the common denominator for all world class high achievers is the way they think. In this short yet powerful book, Eugene Johnson will show you proven and practical principles that you can apply in your life, that will help you train your mind to be your greatest asset.

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